Our 17 Point Star Service service consists of:

  1. Replace Engine Oil - up to 5 qts - additional qts at an additional cost
  2. Replace Engine Oil Filter
  3. Lubricate Chassis at zerks if equipped
  4. Check Differential Fluid if equipped and advise
  5. Check Transmission Fluid - Manual or Automatic Level and Advise
  6. Check Wiper Blade condition and advise
  7. Check Engine Air Filter and Cabin Filter (if equipped) and advise
  8. Check Positive Crankcase Valve (PCV) and advise
  9. Check Brake Fluid condition and level
  10. Check and Fill Windshield Washer Fluid as nesc.
  11. Check Eng Coolant/Antifreeze Protection Level and Condition and advise
  12. Check Battery Fluid Level, Condition, and State of Charge, Cean Terminals and advise
  13. Check Power Steering Fluid Level and Condition and advise
  14. Check Exterior Lights
  15. Wash Windshield
  16. Vacum Interior
  17. Check Tire Pressure

For 4 wheel Drive vehicles add 18. Check Transfer Case and 19. Check Front Differential  All Star Services Include Resetting Factory Oil change indicators if equipped.  Also if Engine check light is on we will retreive and record  the code and turn off the light at your request.



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