Cooling System Maintenance:


Whether we use a standard coolant hydrometer, litmus test strips, or our fancy antifreeze refractometer, your engine coolant/antifreeze condition is tested and recorded with every Star Service Oil Change.


We also inspect:

  • Radiator hoses, and pressure cap
  • The A/C compressor belt for condition and tension
  • Leaks or other damage
  • Component condition, leaks or damage


Some vehicles have coolant resevoirs that are open to the atmosphere and are subject to evaporation which requires periodic top offs. Your Star service oil change comes with up to 1 quart of 50/50 recommended coolant/antifreeze at NO Additional Cost. Additional coolant will not be added without your authorization


Our current prices for a standard Coolant Flush is:

  • Havoline Conventional (green) Coolant                        $69.95
  • Havoline Extended Life Dexcool (red) Coolant             $89.95
  • Havoline Universal Extended Life (yellow) Coolant      $89.95


Includes a cleaning chemical and up to 8qts of new coolant

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